Welcome to the website of professional ghostwriter Simon Petherick.

This website sets out as clearly as possible the ghostwriting method: what you as a client can expect, the different ways of collaborating, the likely timescales and so on. Every job is different but there are some established ways of working which ensure that you receive the level and quality of service which your idea deserves, so we have tried to set some of those out in as much detail on this site as we can. We have set out some elements of the ghostwriting process here.

Do please browse through the various pages on the site to see if this might be the writing collaboration you are looking for. If you have questions, then please by all means make contact and we will be happy to answer them and talk in as much detail as you need about the project you have in mind.

The process of ghostwriting is both intense and satisfying for both parties. It’s a creative, challenging partnership which, if conducted with passion and sincerity, can deliver a truly great book. Simon has worked on all kinds of projects with clients all over the world, both in all kinds of non-fiction and also in fiction, and he takes great pleasure in achieving a finished book which meets the hopes and objectives of his client.

Some clients already have a publishing option or deal in place, others value help and support in placing the finished work with a publisher or in achieving a professional self-publishing outcome. Simon has worked for many years in the global publishing industry and is able to advise on all options as well as make introductions. And if for any reason he is not available for your project, he will happily make recommendations of other writers who might be suitable for you.

Ghostwriter.works is a trading name of The Word Machine CIC.