New ghostwriting podcast

As well as running his own ghostwriting website, Simon Petherick is also a member of the new ghostwriting agency, The Ghostwriters’ Agency: Set up and run by bestselling ghostwriters Teena Lyons and Shannon Kyle, the agency has a number of ghostwriters on its books, including Simon, who are able to respond to requests fromContinue reading “New ghostwriting podcast”

How To Write Your Life Story

Simon has recorded an online course for Idler magazine to encourage more people to consider trying to write their own life story. You can access the course here: The services of a ghostwriter will always be needed: by people who don’t feel able to tackle the task themselves, by the publishing industry which needsContinue reading “How To Write Your Life Story”

Ghostwriting interview with Michael Portillo

Simon Petherick was interviewed by Michael Portillo on GB News on Sunday 20th November 2022 on the craft and business of ghostwriting: You can also watch the ten-minute interview here on Youtube: You can read more about the process of ghostwriting here:

In Search of Shangri-La

Simon Petherick has a new essay in Issue 84 of Idler Magazine. You can buy Idler magazine from these stockists — — or read the article here: ‘I am from the lamasery of Shangri-La.’ These first words spoken by Chang, the High Lama’s functionary, in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton, introduced the worldContinue reading “In Search of Shangri-La”

Ghost in the machine

The following essay on ghostwriting and how to be a ghostwriter is published in the November-December issue of Idler magazine, available in selected WHSmiths, Waitrose and bookshops or by subscription at Full list of Idler stockists is here: ____________ Ghost in the machine I was talking to my sister the other day. SheContinue reading “Ghost in the machine”